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Project Name

"A new operation for congenitally corrected transposition, ventricular septal defect and pulmonary stenosis"

Doctor's Name

Constantine Mavroudis, MD

Doctor's Name 2

Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL





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Year 3

Doctor's Name: Constantine Mavroudis, MD

Hospital/Institution: Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

This is an animal (dog) study to attempt to develop a new surgical strategy for this constellation of congenital heart defects. The investigators will perform two surgical procedures in the animals. The first is to create a simulation of the above defects, and the second is to correct the defects with their proposed procedure. The proposed procedure is a bi-directional Glenn shunt (connects the SVC with the pulmonary arteries directly) to unload the strained morphologic left ventricle (pulmonary ventricle) and the VSD closure. This will hopefully decrease potentially long term problems that effect morbidity and mortality in these patients with present current conventional techniques. This is a rare constellation of congenital heart defects, but it is presently problematic since there is no optimal surgical palliative procedure and no consensus among cardiologists and surgeons on which operation and when.

Award Date 1: 1999

Award Amount 1: $85,109