25th Anniversary Celebration

Help Us Celebrate Our 25th Anniversary

Please join us in 2021, as we observe the 25th Anniversary of The Children’s Heart Foundation, the leading organization solely dedicated to funding CHD research. Since 1996, with your help, The Children’s Heart Foundation has funded nearly $14 million in research grants and scientific collaboration in support of our mission, and leading to dramatic increases in survival, longevity and quality of life for those living with CHDs. We welcome your participation and support of this special campaign, acknowledging 25 years of remarkable progress, and further research to be conducted.

Over the next six months:

We’ll look back at the amazing research that you’ve helped to fund, and showcase some of the incredible research breakthroughs and the investigators who helped drive them, which have increased understanding of CHD risk factors and pathways, improved imaging and techniques for better diagnostics, and helped drive devices, procedures, practices and supplies enabling fewer, safer, less invasive and more effective interventions. We’ll also look forward, as progress is enabling more investigative areas of critical importance for our growing population of Heart Warriors. 

We’ll honor and profile some of the amazing families who have been impacted by CHDs and whose commitment to the mission has made a transformative difference for those living with CHDs, including those whose Heart Warriors have continued to survive and thrive, and meet some of our Heart Angels, and the families, who have provided so much incredible support to help other families avoid the unimaginable loss they have faced. Please contact us to establish a custom Tribute or Honor fundraising page, in honor of your Heart Warrior or Heart Angel, and to share your family’s story, a photo, milestones, and to invite continued CHD research in their honor or memory

We’ll acknowledge some of the many community contributors to this important mission, including our amazing volunteers in our regions around the country who have planned, organized and helped drive so much incredible fundraising in support of our mission. To build on the amazing legacy of our countless and invaluable volunteers, and continue helping us to grow, please reach out to us.

We’ll spotlight some of the hospital partners and corporate and community champions who have played key roles in the story and success of funding CHD research, and supporting the families who depend on it so fully. We’d invite your business or organization to join our “25 for the 25th Anniversary” campaign, and be one of 25+ organizations who pledge to donate or raise $2,500 or more in support of CHD research! Visit our event site for more information and to get underway!

Finally, our 25th Anniversary is an important and exciting opportunity to continue to look forward at what the future holds, and how your continued support will drive the breakthroughs that more Heart Warriors will depend on, and which honor every Heart Angel.

We welcome your participation and support of this special campaign, acknowledging 25 years of remarkable progress, and further research to be conducted.

For more information on supporting our efforts, please email us at info@childrensheartfoundation.org.




Reflections on The Children's Heart Foundation's 25 years of funding CHD research: