"At the Heart of Research" Chat: Colby Groom & Dr. Youngjae Chun

Listen below to the newest episode of The Children's Heart Foundation's "At the Heart of Research" Chat featuring Dr. Youngjae Chun, a 2019 recipient of funding from The Children's Heart Foundation, introduced by Heart Warrior Colby Groom. 

In this episode, Dr. Chun discusses his research project, A Self-Growing Percutaneous Heart Valve Frame to Treat Congenital Heart Disease, and how the outcomes will help advance the treatment and care of children born with congenital heart defects - America's most common birth defect.

Colby Groom is also featured in this chat to tell his CHD story, why he became involved with The Children's Heart Foundation, and to introduce Dr. Chun. Dr. Chun's research project was funded by the Liam Ward Fund, in memory of Heart Angel, Liam (pictured right), established by Colby Groom through The Children's Heart Foundation. Funds for the research project came from sales of NakedWines.com's DRG Wine With Heart 3-Pack, created by Colby's winemaker dad, Daryl Groom.

Thank you to the Groom Family and NakedWines.com for helping us further our critical mission of advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects by funding the most promising research.

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