Visit to the Serpooshan Bauser-Heaton (SBH) Laboratories

On June 5, members of CHF staff had the privilege of visiting the Serpooshan Bauser-Heaton (SBH) Laboratories at Emory University to see the incredible congenital heart defect research that is underway by Dr. Vahid Serpooshan and his team. This research includes 3D bioprinting of functional tissues, engineering a cardiac patch to save heart failure patients, 3D bioprinted models to study liver disease in fontan patients, and more.

In 2022, Dr. Vahid Serpooshan received the Cortney Barnett Research Award through The Children’s Heart Foundation for his study, “A 3D Bioprinted Platform for Modeling and Treatment Planning of Hepatic Disorders in Fontan Patients”. Results from this study have created the first class of laboratory models of Fontan-associated liver disease that can find answers to several key questions in both diagnosis and treatment of these life-threatening injuries.

We are so grateful to Dr. Serpooshan and his team for allowing us to see firsthand the incredible work that is being done.