Cortney Barnett

Cortney is a CHD warrior, living a very full life despite her half-a-heart! Cortney has Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS), as well as several other heart defects (DILV, TGA, CoA, PDA, VSD, ASD). She also has Fontan Associate Liver Disease (FALD). Cortney has had two open heart and two closed heart surgeries, including the Fontan. Although her heart defects impact her life on a daily basis, she has never let them define who she is! She went to sleep away camp in elementary school, competed in dance in middle school, was on the golf team in high school, and backpacked around Europe in college. She graduated from Michigan Sate University's College of Education (go green!) and has her Master's in Special Education. Cortney married the love of her life, and has two heart-healthy daughters who were born via gestational surrogacy. Cortney was a special education teacher for seven years and is now a stay at home mom. Cortney has helped plan the Detroit Congenital Heart Walk since 2012. She is also helping to spearhead the Children's Heart Foundation's Young Adult Advisory Board. Unfortunately for Cortney, and many others with CHD, research has not come far enough yet. One of Cortney's top priorities in life is to fund CHD research. Cortney is extremely thankful to The Children's Heart Foundation for giving her an avenue to fund CHD research. Feel free to reach out to Cortney on her CHD Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thisismewithchd/) and Instagram account (@thisismewithchd). One of her favorite things about being involved in the Children's Heart Foundation is connecting with CHD warriors and families! She is excited to be part of the Michigan Region Advisory Council, and looks forward to funding the most promising CHD research with you!