CHF Funded Research

Alvin Chin, MD
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Identification and analysis of zebrafish models of eterotaxy syndrome
Amount awarded in 2001 — $100,000

Susan Crawford, MD
Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
Regulation of angiogenic inhibitors in cardiac remodeling and hypertrophy
Amount awarded in 2001 — $100,000

Daniel Rappolee, PhD
Northwestern University Medical Center
The role of FGF in the development of the first contractile heart muscle
Amount awarded in 2000 — $10,000
Amount awarded in 1999 — $40,000
Madhu Gupta, PhD
The Heart Institute for Children, Hope Children's Hospital
Regulation of myosin gene expression in hypertrophy and in heart development
Amount awarded in 2000 — $24,666
Amount awarded in 1998 — $36,666
Eliot R. Rosencranz, MD
Children's Hospital of Buffalo
Endogenous mechanisms of ischemia tolerance of the developing heart [TWO YEAR PROJECT]
Amount awarded in 1999 — $23,850
Amount awarded in 1998 — $24,550
Constantine Mavroudis, MD
Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
A new operation for congenitally corrected transportation, ventricular septal defect and pulmonary stenosis
Amount awarded in 1999 — $85,109

David J. Sahn, MD
Oregon Health and Science University
In vitro studies of embryonic heart flows & fluid dynamics based on 3D models [TWO YEAR PROJECT]
Amount awarded in 1998 — $75,000
Amount awarded in 1999 — $75,000
G. Paul Matherne, MD
University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Molecular regulation of neural crest contribution in the developing cardiac outflow tract
Amount awarded in 1997 — $48,601

Paul J. Chai, MD
Duke University Medical Center
Tissue engineered pediatric cardiac valve replacement
Amount awarded in 1997 — $20,735