CHF Funded Research

Degenhardt, Karl, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Environmental and Genetic Interactions in Congenital Heart Disease
Amount awarded in 2016 — $99,290

Ronemus, Michael, MD
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
High-resolution genomic DNA copy number analysis of 125 congenital heart disease family trios from the Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium
Amount awarded in 2016 — $50,000

Kaushal, Sunjay. MD
University of Maryland Medical Center
Stem Cell Therapy for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Patients
Amount awarded in 2016 — $100,000

Bezzina, Connie, PhD
Mulder, Barbara, MD
Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amount awarded in 2016 — $98,500

Heathcock, Jill, MPT, PhD
The Ohio State University
Informing developmental screening and evaluation procedures for young infants with complex congenital heart defects
Amount awarded in 2016 — $75,600

Jane W. Newburger, MD
David Bellinger, MD
Boston Children's Hospital
Pilot Study of Executive Function Intervention to Improve Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children with CHD
Amount awarded in 2015 — $90,026
Amount awarded in 2016 — $90,026
Nobuyuki Ishibashi, MD
Children’s Research Institute, Washington, DC
Prenatal Treatment for Brain Protection in Congenital Heart Disease
Amount awarded in 2015 — $96,992
Amount awarded in 2016 — $97,742
Ming-Sing Si, MD
Mott Children’s Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI
Thymus Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Right Ventricle Failure in HLHS
Amount awarded in 2015 — $100,000
Amount awarded in 2016 — $100,000
Dr. Lucile Ryckebusch
University of California, San Diego
Regulation of atrioventricular canal restriction by Tmem2
Amount awarded in 2015 — $25,920

Dr. Mary Wagner
Emory University
Calcium handling remodeling during development and disease
Amount awarded in 2015 — $89,100

Dr. John Kheir
Boston Children’s Hospital
Hydrogen Gas as a Neuroprotective Agent during Circulatory Arrest for Congenital Heart Surgery
Amount awarded in 2015 — $106,920

Dr. Chulan Kwon
Johns Hopkins
Cell-autonomous control of heart progenitors in niche
Amount awarded in 2015 — $83,160

Ariel Rydeen
Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati
Requirements for Cyp26 enzymes in second heart field addition and ventricular maintenance
Amount awarded in 2015 — $14,040

Juliet Varghese
The Ohio State University
Noninvasive oxygen saturation estimation with quantitative MRI T2 mapping
Amount awarded in 2015 — $14,040

Dr. John LaDisa,
Marquette University
Mechanistic analysis of mechanical alterations to improve therapeutic interventions for aortic coarctation
Amount awarded in 2015 — $77,121