CHF Funded Research

Xinxiu Xu
University of Pittsburgh-School of medicine
Intrinsic cardiomyocyte defects in the pathogenesis of hyoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS)
Amount awarded in 2018 — $61,758.50

Moghari Hedjazi
Boston Children's Hospital
Improving Outcomes in Pediatric Cardiology by Performing Virtual Cardiac Surgery
Amount awarded in 2018 — $124,740

Madhumita Basu
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Mechanisms of maternal hyperglycemia induced risk of congenital heart disease
Amount awarded in 2018 — $124,740

Jesse Davidson
University of Colorado Denver
Pulmonary Vascular Growth in Infants with Single Ventricle Heart Disease: Deep Phenotyping and Biomarker Development
Amount awarded in 2018 — $108,000

Lisa Bergersen, MD, MPH
Boston Children's Hospital
Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Projects on Outcomes - Quality Improvement (C3PO-QI)
Amount awarded in 2017 — $40,000
Amount awarded in 2018 — $40,000
Dr. Mark Rodefeld
Indiana University
Fontan Blood Pump: Advanced Prototype Testing and Optimization
Amount awarded in 2017 — 100,000.00

Nicole Fleming
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in trabeculae-deficient zebrafish heart
Amount awarded in 2017 — $16,583.15

Chulan Kwon
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Role of Spalt-like Gene in Cardiac Development
Amount awarded in 2017 — $47,567.52

Kathryn Vannatta
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Social, Emotional, and Academic Functioning of Youth with Congenital Heart Disease
Amount awarded in 2017 — $47,567.52

Ibrahim Domian
Massachusetts General Hospital
The Role of Proteolysis in Cardiac Development and Disease
Amount awarded in 2017 — $47,567.52

Yuntao Song
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Epigenetic repression of retinoic acid responsive genes for cardiac outflow tract formation
Amount awarded in 2017 — $16,583.15

Craig Broberg
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland
The Systemic Right Ventricle: Risks and Outcomes of Congestive Heart Failure
Amount awarded in 2017 — $47,563.50

Srinivas Manideep Chavali
University of California, San Francisco
White Matter Injury in Congenital Heart Disease: Oligodendrocytes at the Intersection of Development and Injury
Amount awarded in 2017 — $31,915.95

Jack Rubinstein
University of Cincinnati
TRPV2 agonism for improved cardiac function in patients with single ventricle physiology
Amount awarded in 2017 — $83,160

Jesse Davidson
University of Colorado Denver
Alkaline phosphatase for the prevention of acute lung injury in a piglet model of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest
Amount awarded in 2017 — $80,998.92