Tissue engineered pediatric cardiac valve replacement

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Paul J. Chai, MD
Duke University Medical Center

This is an animal (rabbit) study to assess the effects of the ischemia (low blood flow) on the developing acyanotic and cyanotic hearts. This study will hopefully allow us to better understand why newborns, and specifically cyanotic newborns, suffer less myocardial injury than adults do after equivalent periods of ischemia. They hypothesize that the heart's tolerance is age-dependent due to maturational changes in receptor-mediated activation of Protein Kinase C and the ATP-sensitive potassium channel in the myocyte. The activities of these structures are gene regulated. The results of this study may have a far-reaching impact on cardiovascular surgery when the heart is stopped during bypass procedures. This may allow us to better protect hearts in both newborns and older children with congenital heart defects undergoing surgical procedures.


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