Myocardial flow reserve and sympathetic reinnervation after arterial switch operation

Doctor's Name: 
Tajinder P. Singh, MD
Wayne State University


Dr. Singh and colleagues at Wayne State University School of Medicine have proposed a study to evaluate myocardial flow reserve and sympathetic reinnervation after the arterial switch operation. For children born with transposition of the great arteries the arterial switch operation is now the procedure of choice for operative repair.

These patients are at risk of coronary artery abnormalities as the surgical anastomoses grow and the suture lines heal. Dr. Singh has demonstrated an ability to quantify regional myocardial blood flow reserve and measure regional myocardial sympathetic innervation in patients with coronary artery abnormalities. The analyses of these parameters in patients who have undergone the arterial switch operation are important in terms of long-term outcomes after this procedure.

Dr. Singh's proposal will provide important information about the long-term cardiac growth and adaptation to exercise in these patients. In addition, these studies are performed with PET imaging which is a non-invasive study having an advantage over the more standard coronary angiography which is an invasive cardiac catheterization procedure. This study will potentially provide parameters for non-invasive monitoring of children who have had the arterial switch operation.

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