Method for evaluating and improving outcomes in pediatric cardiac catheterization

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Lisa Bergersen, MD
Children's Hospital, Boston

Dr. Bergersen and colleagues are interested in improving outcomes for patients undergoing cardiac catheterization treatments for congenital cardiac disease, and believe that important information about the risks and benefits of such procedures can be obtained through the development of a method to measure the frequency of adverse events and technical proficiency as they relate to treatment outcomes. Such a model would be an invaluable tool for evaluating outcomes in pediatric cardiac catheterization and would provide a structure with which to refine, accelerate and clarify the acquisition of data pertinent to optimal treatment and management of congenital cardiac disease.

Previous work suggests that providing physicians with feedback will have an impact on performance improvement if the data are credible. The most effective feedback mechanisms include benchmark values and allow physicians to identify themselves confidentially and compare themselves to other physicians anonymously. To provide this feedback in the field of pediatric cardiac catheterization, the use of uniform definitions of outcomes must be established, develop and validate risk adjustment tools and establish benchmark rates applicable to catheterization labs with varying volume and patient acuity, as proposed in this project.

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