Neurodevelopmental outcomes and postoperative hemodynamics in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome

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Nancy Ghanayem, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Ghanayem and colleagues propose more extensive neurodevelopmental testing of patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome after completion of surgical palliation for their lesion, between 4-6 years of age. The relationship between neurodevelopmental outcomes and oxygen delivery as measured by venous oximetery and near infrared spectroscopy will then be studied. Specific outcomes to be studied include motor and visual motor abilities, cognitive abilities, language, attention, memory, behavioral functioning, quality of life and the impact of the illness on the family. The impact of postoperative hemodynamics on these neurodevelopmental outcomes will then be studied. Postoperative hemodynamics ( e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, etc. ) refer to the standard cardiac monitoring utilized at an institution after neonatal cardiac surgery, specifically after surgical palliation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome. The specific aim of this study is to identify a critical threshold of oxygen delivery that adversely impacts these neurodevelopmental outcomes. Results of this study will likely distinguish a critical threshold in indices of oxygen delivery at which neurodevelopment is compromised. Identification of a critical threshold that may be devastating to a child's neurodevelopment and quality of life would allow for early intervention, goal-directed therapy and ultimately, improved outcomes.

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